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CBSE Curriculum

Innovative curriculum based on NCERT & CBSE Pattern.

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Unparalleled Facilities

Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centered play and education.
We have offer unparalleled facilities.

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Co-education helps develop a cordial relationship between students and inculcated in them a spirit of sportsmanship, mutual harmony and brotherhood.

Why Sunder Deep World School?

At SWS ,we believe that curiosity, excitement, adventure and imagination are prerequisites for learning .We lay great emphasis on a child’s all-round development. For us academics is as important as co-curricular activities. Through hands on interactive teaching-learning methods SWS is helping children to break out of their limitations. There is an effort to follow the learning ladder of listening, speaking, reading, visualizing, demonstration and discussing. Last but not the least doing the real thing i.e. learning by doing.
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Our Results Speak for Themselves!

To gain an accurate picture of how much learning is actually taking place by the students requires in depth inquiry, not a casual lesson observation. Moreover we examine student workbooks and have discussions with learners to determine whether what they are seeing is indicative of everyday practice or a special performance put on for show.
Whilst many teachers are able to access the tools they need to succeed under the current system, consistent high quality teaching is much more likely to come about through a system of regular formal external feedback and accountability. Furthermore, it provides the teachers with the necessary support and a more comprehensive toolkit to help them benchmark against standards of excellence and succeed.

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Academic Wings

Student’s @SWS

Student’s are being directed to use innovative and interesting methods to learn simple lessons for life through.

  • Theme based teaching
  • Circle time indoor and outdoor activities
  • Art & craft
  • Music and movement
  • Story telling
  • Structured as well as free play
  • Role play activities
  • Celebrations and visits

“Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel”

At SWS we take care that C.B.S.E. curriculum based teaching pays a lot of attention on application of knowledge. We offer standardized education to students across social, urban and rural divides of India.

“Every child in our school is someone’s whole world”

It is a matter of great importance, hence it is a subject of enquiry which can on no account be neglected.

There is no ‘key to happiness’, the door is always open.

To keep the unrelentless pressures and distractions out of the children’s soft and young minds, we at SWS engage a child counsellor to keep their mental status happy.

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