Divine Festivities

No matter where you go around the globe, everybody loves to celebrate. And when it comes to celebration, festivals offer something for everyone.

Community gatherings and preparation of festival foods develops unity with diversity in our culture..

Students were first shown the documentary on the fasting festivals of:-
Dubai:- Eid-al-fitr
Mauritius:- cavadee
France:- easter
India:- navtra

Children came to know about the reason of the celebration of that festival and what is the custom and eatables that people follow

Teachers helped the children in searching the fasting food of the different countries and their receipes.Children prepared the fasting food of Navratra(India), Cavadee(Mauritius), Eid-al-Fitr(Dubai) and Easter(France)

Inter class food fiesta competition was held in school in two rounds-

Round I-

  • Class VI- students prepared food that people eat in Eid-al- Fitr(Dubai) like Saveyeinya, dates, Sheer etc.
  • Class VII-A prepared food that people prefer to eat in Cavadee(Mauritius)
  • Class VII-B prepared food that people enjoy and relish on Easter( France)

Round 2-

Winning recipes stall in fun fiesta Christmas fest

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