Summer Camp at SWS @20.05.2019

Summer break is around the corner and so is the time for fun and excitement. Summer break is the time that builds laughter, chatter and freedom around us.

To beat the scorching heat of summer, Sunder Deep World School is organizing a SUMMER CAMP for the children. This camp aims at providing a progressive platform to the children to develop their gross motor skills, imaginative and creativity skills.

Let’s turn the day off from regular school into an adventure at SWS’s Summer Camp.

Summer camps provide a great opportunity for children to utilize their summer vacation effectively and develop valuable skills. We are introducing a complete package of activities. Choose any two activities @ ₹ 1000/- for both. The major highlights are-

1. Survival of the fittest

  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Self-Defense

2. Rock the stage

  • Zumba Dance
  • Aerobics

3. Fuel your soul with rhythm

  • Instrumental Music

4. Art and Craft

  • Sculpture Making
  • Trash to Treasure
  • T-Shirt Printing
  • Soap Making

5. Relish the delish

  • Fireless Cooking
  • Chocolate Making

6. Groom your personality

  • Be a Journalist
  • Be a Radio Jockey

7. Activities for Tiny Tots

  • Puppet Show
  • Magic Show
  • Rides
  • STEM Activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

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