Visit to Gurudwara Sahib & Habitat Center

“The numinous, the infinite that which cannot be named but only felt. These are the wonders that religions explore.”

Children of Sunder Deep World School visited Gurudwara on 8th April 2019 to make the children know about every religion we at SWS took such visit with our primary students.

Children covered their head with scarf & washed their feet. They started with praying and paying reverence to the holy book of the Sikh ‘THE GURUGRANTH SAHIB’.

‘Sardar Manjeet Singh’ told the children the meaning of ‘Sikh’ and he also guided the children in the Gurudwara .Children were involved in a small prayer in which all of them diligently participated .The children were delighted to receive the Prasad. The visit to the Gurudwara was also to let the children learn about the religious ‘Places for worship’ and ‘Respect’. The students developed the skill of compassion.

It was a pleasant and an enriching experience for the children as they were enlightened about the place.

The students of class VI to X went to the habitat centre with great enthusiasm. They visited the entire premises and enjoyed their day.

The India Habitat Centre is a multipurpose building in Ghaziabad. Mixing work, commercial and social spaces, the Indian Habitat Centre is one of India’s most comprehensive convention centers.

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